Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hong Kong

Hi everyone! I haven't really updated my little blog for a little while. I'm currently in Hong Kong and will stay here for a while. At this moment I don't have my own computer and am using my aunt's. As soon as I get my own computer I'll update more, probably do some reviews on asian beauty products and upload loads of pictures (you know I like to post a lot of pictures in my blog entries). Ok, I'm going to stop here, because this computer is driving me nuts. It's switching between English and Chinese all the time. Took me more than an half hour to write this little piece!

Will keep you guys updated!!


  1. You changed your layout! I like it! Have fun in Hong Kong and stay safe!

  2. hi :)

    have you ever tried alt shift on the computer? i think it will help switch back into english and vice versa.

    anyhow, looking forward to your next post~!