Saturday, 12 February 2011

Swatch: Inglot eye shadow

I’ve been reading reviews about Inglot since early last year. When my sister went to London I finally saw my chance to get my hands on their products. Inglot is a Polish company, but for some reason they don’t have any shops in continental Western Europe. I think the only stores are in the UK and Ireland, so for us who live on the other side of the canal it’s quite hard to get our hands on these products.

Anyways, I was mainly interested in the Freedom system and the nail enamels. Now, what is the Freedom system? This system allows you to make eye shadow/ lip/ face palettes according to your own wishes. For example, I got the 4 eye shadow square palette. You can also choose for palettes with round pans or with 2, 5 or 10 colours. The colours that you can choose from are humongous. There are several finishes like matte, pearl, AMC, double sparkle. Like I said before, I bought the square eye shadow palette with 4 pans. The colours I got are 407, 421, 419 and 64.

When I read the reviews, a 10 square palette costs £35 and a 5 square palette was £15. So when my sister said she paid £22.50, I was quite shocked. Two days ago I saw on Wayne from Gossmakeupartist youtube channel that there was a massive price increase. You can find more information about it here

Ok on to the pictures and swatches.

Pearl 407 - Pink with orange/gold shine

Pearl 421 - Brown

Pearl 419 - Gold/Olive green

AMC 64 - Black with golden shimmers


  1. Those are pretty colors, Evy! I really like the forestry green one. Now make a makeup tutorial of them. =P

  2. cute color choices! I'm thinking about getting some too but I'll probably pick all neutrals.

  3. Mal, I really like the khaki green one too. It's more of a gold-green very lovely. I'll just pretend I didn't read the tutorial part ;)

    thedailyfixation: Haha... I was thinking of getting neutrals first, but then I wanted to try something different =p And get them quickly, because it seems like their products are getting more and more expensive =[