Friday, 17 September 2010

Tourist in Foreign Country: London - Day 1

Hello my loves, I just came back from a short trip to London. Did some (window) shopping, did some sight seeing and did a lot of eating! I don’t have a lot of pictures of the food, though. I always remember to take picture AFTER I finished everything… I still have a lot of photo’s to share! Don't say I didn't warn you (I decided to split the post, so you guys don't get overwhelmed by the amount of pictures I have to share ^.^")!

The first day we arrived, we went to (window) shop in the area of Picadilly Circus: Oxford street, Regent Street,... I was quite amazed by all the window displays in London. They are so creative and I'm not sure if grand is the correct term... But they do attract a lot of attention, or at least mine...

Yes, that's a motor bike...

These are window displays at Selfridges & Co. Quite amazing and funny, don't you think?

Regent Street

Picadilly Circus

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