Sunday, 15 August 2010

Who Can Say No to Food and Nail Polish?

Food is my all time love add some nail polish to it and my day can't go wrong.
Most of you have heard of H&M nail polishes. This is actually the first one that I tried. I was very excited when I bought it. I read some great reviews on the H&M nail polishes. I bought a small bottle (very small, it's only 3.2ml/0.1 oz.) to test the formula out.

Depending on the lighting Grey Sky is a grey with purple undertone or a pastel purple with grey undertone. When you look closely, there are very small shimmers. The formula is rather disappointing. It is very streaky and very difficult to get even layers. BUT, I love the colour! So, I can say that this is my new favourite nail polish!

So now the food part! We ordered a Chicken Tikka wrap and a handmade (!) burger at Lunchbox. I forgot to try the wrap, so I don't know if it's good or not. Although I can say that it looked very appetizing! I ordered a Mauiburger, which is a burger with melted cheese and fresh pineapple. For the meat, one can choose between: beef, chickensteak, lam or a veggieburger. I decided to go for a beefburger and I have to say it was a great choice! The meat was so juicy and tasted like real beef (unlike those hamburgers that tastes after nothing)! Beef with pineapple and melted cheese, what a great combination!


  1. The color of that nail polish is great! Like it!!



  2. i'm currently obsessed with purple and grey as my nail colors too! i didn't know that H&M carries nail polish, gotta check them out one of these days =P