Sunday, 22 August 2010

Chasing Giants

During the time of legends, a Giant lived along the riverbank. All ships have to sail by him if they wanted to cross the river. Just like how cars have to pay toll on certain highways nowadays, the Giant asked everyone who wanted to sail over the river to pay him. With that money the Giant build the city of his dreams. There he dug docks that he used as immense bathtubs for himself and other giants who came to visit.

On a certain day conquerors from another world captured him and chopped his hands off. The current took the Giant and his hand to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s strange but true, the hand lived on the bottom of the ocean. To keep him busy, the hand caressed the rocks, the seaweed and the fishes.

Due to a heavy storm, a mailbag of the ship from Red Star Line, who has sunk to next the hand, was dragged away with the current. Determent and full of courage the hand took the mailbag to one of the bathtubs of the city. As there was no arm attached to the hand, he couldn’t put the mailbag on the wharf.

In the mean time, the Little Giantess was looking for the Giant (her uncle) on a little boat. However, she couldn’t find him. On the place where the Giant was resting, a geyser eruption woke him up. The giants who lived under water and who took care of the Giant, made him a diver suit so he could search for the Little Giantess, that he loved so much.

Across the undersea sand dunes he followed his way until he came to one of the bathtubs of the city.

On Friday morning the Little Giantess arrived in Antwerp on her boat. She woke up from her deep sleep and started to cross the city to search for her uncle, the Diver. At the other side of the city, the Diver found his way to his bathtub (the docks) and started for his search to his beloved niece.

The Giants are walking through the City for 3 days. Of course I didn’t want to miss this event! It was very awesome to see the Giants walking. What was more fascinating is the fact that nothing was electronic. They used a system of pulleys to let the Giants move. I have to say that it must be very hard for the workers who had to jump off ropes to make arms and the legs move. For that only I want to applaud them. The itinerary of the Giants were kept a secret, all we could do is be there when they wake up and do our best not to lose them. Once you've lost them the quest to find the Giants has begun!

We mainly followed the Diver, but we managed to find the Little Giantess after asking the police where she was =p I took a lot of photos and want to share them with you (I was so fascinated that I kept taking pictures ^.^"). Enjoy!

When we found the Little Giantess, she was already having her siesta.

After we got tired of chasing Giants, we looked for a place to have a drink. If you know me you would know I wouldn't let the chance of eat some cake to slip away.

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