Sunday, 15 August 2010

Carrie Chau

A decade or even longer, that's how long I'm using my wallet already. It's still not broken, but maybe it's time for a change? Ever since my sister bought a wallet in Hong Kong, I am on a quest to find a new one.

On my journey to find the perfect wallet, I came across the Hong Kong based illustrator and designer Carrie Chau. Her work is very colourful, somewhat childlike and full of details. The characters in her work look somewhat odd, but at the same time they emit a sense of kindness and innocence.


  1. Some of the characters looks freaky but her style if almost vintage looking in some ways. I like how she doesn't go for that classic/typical hardware in the first bag.

  2. What do you mean with classic/typical hardware? Haha... sorry, it's late here and my brain isn't working that well =.= I saw a video of her drawing and the way of her holding a pen is quite simular to a toddler holding a pen and she only holds her pen like this when she draws! XD