Sunday, 29 August 2010

Tourist in Own Country: Brussels

My cousins came to visit us from the States for a week. After their 2-day visit to Paris, we decided to take them to Brussels. Now, I haven't been to our capital a lot, so when I got there I acted like a real tourist myself. Taking pictures of everything and anything... I don't remember there were so much too see from the last time. We mainly went to the tourist area and boy, there are so many chocolatiers! It's like there is one next the other! Actually... there really was! If I didn't know better, I would have thought I went to chocolate land (Ok, ok, Belgium is a chocolate country)!

Representing our country: Manneke Pis.
A visit to Brussels without seeing the little peeing boy is impossible. He's everywhere! I was just thinking what a wonderful symbol this is to represent our nation... A little peeing boy...

The real deal.

Of course the most highlight of our visit to Brussels! Waffles! We ordered some Brussels and Li├Ęge for our cousins to try. Hahaha... I think I ate more than they did.

A quite appropriate message to everyone to end this post.

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