Thursday, 26 August 2010

Bling Bling On Nails?

A few months ago, who would have tought I'd spend a few hours on painting my nails? Certainly not me! It was raining the whole day today, so I was looking at Japanese nail magazines the whole day. It inspired me to try and do something more than just putting a few coats of the same colour (I don't dislike it, though!). I spend a few hours on this design. Even though it's very simple, but I am really proud of myself. Also the sparkles are really lovely and shiny! Bling bling on fingers?

Essie, "Happily Ever After"
Catrice, "Meet Me At Coral Island"
Essence, glitter topper "Julia"


  1. me too! i was not into the whole nail polish thing before the summer and i thought i would never! now it feels weird not having colors on my nails LOL

    this is really cute, not too over the top, which i like =)