Monday, 9 August 2010

Taste of Antwerp & ’t Bollekesfeest

I went to Taste of Antwerp and ’t Bollekesfeest last Sunday. Taste of Antwerp is a 4 day culinary festival where you can taste selected dishes from several restaurants and caterers. The idea is that you buy coupons and with those coupons you can pay for the dishes you want. On this last day of the festival they also attempted to make the longest strawberry cake. It was really an awesome sight, the cake was as long as the street! Can you imagine a never ending table with strawberries, pie crust, cream and icing sugar?! If you ask me, they should organise this more than once a year! Haha… definitely a great way to spend your Sunday afternoons!

I might have went a little overboard when taking photos, but I really want to share all this food porn with you guys!


  1. Why didn't you take me with you, Evy?!!!!!!!

  2. Yum, it all looks amazing! I want that giant strawberry tart!