Sunday, 8 August 2010

H&M Tube Scarves

Now the weather is turning colder again (YES! I know it’s still August. Hopefully the sun will come out again and give us a part 2 of the wonderful summer we had in July). The stores are stocking their fall/winter collection. It’s time to talk about scarves! I’ve always been a scarf-girl. They keep me warm and make my outfit more fashionable. Even when I’m just wearing jeans and a shirt, it looks much more fashionable when you add a scarf to the outfit. Or at least that’s my conception haha…

A lot of you have probably seen those tube scarves/muffles on Zipia (I wanted one so bad, but for several reasons I never got one). Well, they have landed in Europe! I saw the first ones in American Apparel (again…), but being the cheapo that I am, I am not willing to pay almost €30 for a scarf! Plus it looks like I could easily make it myself. It somewhat looks like it’s just a piece of fabric sewn together. Hmmm... maybe I should put this on my to-do-list: Make a tube scarf...

When I went to shop with my friend last Wednesday, I saw almost the same tube scarves at H&M. They weren’t as expensive as the AA ones. Ok, they probably weren’t as thick as the AA ones, but given that the price was about 1/3rd of the AA scarves. I really don’t mind. The only reason I didn’t bought them was because I forgot to bring my wallet with me >.>

I was just “window-online-shopping” (not sure what the right term is, E-window shopping maybe?) and I saw knitted tube scarves on the website of H&M. They also don’t cost too much, less than €10. Now I wonder if they have those knitted tube scarves in stores, because I didn’t see them. Oh well, I guess we’ll find out next week ;)

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