Friday, 6 August 2010

The Adventures of the Lost Package

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked towards our porch yesterday. My friend from the States has sent me a package two months ago. After waiting for a month, we both thought they’ve already lost the package. To my surprise they delivered it yesterday. I have a few theories why it came so late: i.e. The package might have fell out of the jute (burlap) sack into another one and it accidently went onto a boat, so it took 2 months to get to here. Or it might have been on the wrong plane, so it travelled around the world before it got here. I have many more theories on “The Adventures of the Lost Package”, but I won’t bother you guys with my random thoughts.

Now, on to the content of the package! It’s a bottle of nail polish! My friend and I were talking about finding a very light mint coloured nail polish. She was kind enough to send me Revlon’s Minted.

The colour reminds me of American Apparel’s Office. The difference is that AA’s Office has more of a blue/grey undertone to it. Minted is more of a “pure” mint colour. You don’t really see the difference when you’re walking in a bright environment, but when you’re in darker places (like in the shadow) Office turns into a pale grey/blue rather than a mint green whilst Minted basically stays the same.

Left two fingers: AA’s Office; right two fingers: Revlon’s Minted.
As you can see, Office is just slightly darker than Minted.


  1. YAY! I can't believe it took THAT long just to get to you. I'm going to send things to Vi or L and have them send it to you next time.

    And it's really similar to the other nail polish just a little bit lighter. If you look at the picture from an angle it looks like the same nail polish!

  2. Oh wow it looks like an almost perfect dupe of AA Office!