Monday, 23 August 2010

Accessories at H&M

A few posts ago I mentioned the H&M tube scarves I saw on their website. The other day I payed H&M a visit and saw them. Only 3 of the 4 colours were available, though. The blue scarf is the one I actually wanted, but they didn't have that one. So I bought the grey one. The colour is actually very nice and I don't have a grey scarf yet.

The scarf is quite thin, but when it's wrapped around your neck it's actually quite thick and warm.

Wrapped three times around my neck.

I also picked up some vintage looking animal earrings and rings. Now, I'm not the biggest jewellery-person on earth. I never reallly got used to them. Probably because I never wore them during grade, middle and high school. The reason for that is that we always have to take off all our jewellery during PE classes. However, I can't stand not wearing my earrings and my watch! Even though, I never really wore rings. I'm starting to like the idea of wearing them. I think they make my hands look more feminine.

I think animal jewellery are the must-have accessories coming season. The owl, squirrel, bunny and deer earrings are my favourite.

The deer ring is huge and heavy, but oh so awesome!


  1. I love both the rings and earrings. I saw the rings at H&M out here, but didn't get them and now they're sold out. My favorites are the fox and owl rings.