Friday, 13 August 2010

Bathtubs in all kind of sizes, shapes and colours...

I bet everyone has imagined what their future house will look like. Oh-ing and ah-ing while looking through the Ikea catalog or some other catalogs with design furniture. Well, I did the same thing today while clicking through some very interesting sites. I was doing research on bathtubs for my sister's new apartment (no... I'm not using my sis as an excuse). Ok, I found a lot of interesting bathtubs, some cheap, some expensive and some even more expensive. Enjoy the tubs!

A walk-in bathtub.

These Japanese soaking tubs are ideal for smal bathrooms.

Doesn't this look awesome?!

(photos via DigsDigs, The Perfect Bath, Furnishism, The Style Files)


  1. Haha, they have commercials here for those tubs with doors. They seem to try to appeal to elderly people.