Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Shiny, Sparkling, Glittery Nails

What’s better than shiny, glittery nails during the holidays? I wanted to have some festive nails during the holidays, but I don’t own a proper glitter nail polish. Luckily I found some glitter powder that I used to use for crafting. What I did was putting a basecoat, Essie’s Happily Ever After, and sprinkled silver and gold glitter on top of it. It’s a very easy way to acquire shiny, sparkling, glittery nails.


  1. this is so lovely!
    simple but elegant =)

  2. btw hon i'm tagging you to do the 7 facts tag: http://bit.ly/hv3G2P =)

  3. I tried this at home. But it didn't look even close to your nails. The glitter flakes were too large on my nails. I think I'll go and purchase glitter nail polish instead hahaha

  4. Buzzfeed took your picture and got it all wrong!